Android Developers New York

When looking at the top Android developers in New York, what are the top qualities they all share? This is an important question when your company is planning to develop a mobile app.

Working with the right partner will certainly help ensure your project’s success compared to hiring the wrong one.

5 Qualities of Top Developers

  • Proven track record – Any good mobile app developer should have a successful track record that includes a range of platforms, companies and even type of application. What have they done? How successful has it been? Did it meet the goals of the company that hired them?
  • Quick turnaround – Today’s world is a very fast-paced one. Business goals and opportunities change very quickly which means not only does your app developer need to be able to roll out a product quickly but they also need the flexibility for when plans change.
  • Strategic focus – A mobile app is an important piece of your business and thus a serious investment. You need a partner who understands this and gives each project the same level of effort from planning to testing to implementation.
  • Collaborative culture – While some people like the idea of handing the reigns to someone else, a collaborative culture between the business and developer is much more likely to produce great results. The developer needs to understand your goals and ideas along with style and at the same time the developer can offer ideas and insights for the project.
  • User-friendly design – An intuitive, user-friendly design is a must in today’s world. Even apps that are internal should be designed in this manner. Look for a partner that places a priority on the user experience.

Which of these qualities is the most important? That will vary based on the goals and needs of your company. Top android developers in New York like Lounge Lizard have all five of these qualities and the more of these you find in an app partner, the better your chance for success.