Android Developers

Android Developers

When looking for one of the top Android developers in the industry to help you with your project, how can you pick the right firm for the job? Even with a great idea, when you outsource to a developer there will be concerns, such as making certain you have a high-level of coding to ensure maintenance will be easier down the road in the apps lifecycle.

There is a pretty wide gap in the Android and iOS developer world with different levels of abilities, experience and knowledge. Ideally you want to ask your potential developer core questions that will let you know if they can not only build the application, but do it in a way that will advance your organizations goals, provide insights and ideas, and not cause any unnecessary rework or slowdowns.

Critical Questions

  • What application have you published? Describe application features and your role in each application.
  • Do you have references we can contact from previous and current projects?
  • What strategies do you use to ensure the best user interface? How does this scale to the various Android devices?
  • How do you minimize battery life drain and bandwidth usage?
  • Do you unit test your applications? Do you write integration or other automated tests?
  • How often will we discuss and decide priorities?
  • Will you provide ideas and ways to better the product and/or launch?
  • Will I get regular builds of the application?

Ideally you want to find out what people have done, how they have done it, what the app ratings are and how they related with clients. High app ratings and a positive work environment are always a big plus.

There are a few strategies about user interface and scaling along with common issues like bandwidth and battery drain that need to be addressed. Understand how they approach problems and if they have successful solutions. Testing is also important as you want bugs fixed before launch and not after.

Finally you want to see how involved in the process you are. A good firm will meet up front to discuss strategy and lay out the entire process along with providing insight and ideas plus will go over steps during regular builds so you can provide your own feedback.

Top Android developers, like Lounge Lizard, will happily sit down with a client and answer these questions because they understand the more you know about their process, the better the end result will be for the product.