Android App Development Company New York

When you sit down with the Android app development company in New York that you partnered with to develop your hot idea into the next big app, do you know what characteristics are critical to its success? There are a handful of aspects that a great, convenient app has that you should keep in mind before, during and after the development process.

  • Launch time – One of the most important aspects of a good app is launch time. Do you want to sit around waiting for an app to load? Regardless of how great the app is and all the features it might have, mobile users want something that launches in less than 8 seconds.
  • Social media integration – For any app that has any short of sharing feature or capability, it makes sense to have the most popular social media options integrated especially if your app requires an account; that way people can simply sign in using their Facebook account.
  • Responsiveness – People want reliability from their app. It pays to test the app carefully under various usage scenarios and stressful conditions that will mimic actual use. If an app isn’t reliable when you most need it, more than likely you won’t need it again.
  • Quick actions – The most common actions should be quick and simple. Things should be designed in a way that users want for simple functionality.
  • Low battery use – Your app should spend energy efficiently and not be a battery hog.
  • No ads – Ad banners cause people to look for an ad-free alternative. Rather than alienate, look to disguise ads and make them less intrusive if you have to use them.
  • Protection of data – Sensitive data should be stored and transferred securely if data is stored or used by the app.

A top Android app development company in New York like Lounge Lizard always ensures these characteristics are considered and included on apps that they create.