Android App Developers New York

Android App Developers New York

It can be hard to sift through the masses to find the top Android app developers of New York. True Android experts understand that it take more than simply knowing how to code an app. The platform itself has different implementation options and nuances that will play out differently depending on the business goal of the app.

So how do you know who is right for your Android app project?

Android has become the dominant smartphone platform with over an 80% market share. Apple iOS trails with about 15% of the share and Microsoft is left picking up crumbs. While a few years ago the field was more even between iOS and Android, the shift that we have seen along with the number of Android devices on the market sets the expectations for Android to continue its domination for at least the next few years.

Of course with that share of the market comes a large demand for developer talent which means plenty of fresh faces joining the developer pool looking to cash in on the demand. Sifting through the masses to find an elite Android developer like Lounge Lizard can be a difficult task.

Let’s look at the Android features the development platform allows:

  • User interface, graphics, varying screen size, touch screen keyboards and gesture recognition.
  • Databases, content providers, adapters, location detection, sensors, services, threading options and accelerated computation.
  • Inter-app communication, media playback and recording, networking and localization
  • Debugging tools, in-app billing, Google Play store and a lot more

From this list, you can see a lot of complexity. Because of this you need Android experts that understand the various implementation options as well as ramifications of using them. You also need a competent team that has experience in understanding clients’ needs, creating a plan, fantastic design people, experienced coders and the ability to execute that plan for success.

Lounge Lizard is an award-winning web and app development company with over a decade in the business working with companies in a variety of industries across the globe. From projects big to small, we have done it all and done it exceptionally well. When reviewing a list of the top Android app developers in New York, you will find Lounge Lizard at the top because of our experience, design capabilities and ability to produce results.