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A Web Design Company’s Advice to New Graphic Designers

Being new to any field is difficult. Regardless of talent and ability there is always some self-doubt that comes with inexperience especially in the field of graphic design which can be a difficult creative field to thrive in. Today we wanted to share some of the things we have learned from working with artists of all types as we offer up a Web Design Company’s advice to new graphic designers.

As a web design and development firm that has been in the business over a decade, we have been on both sides of the fence as both the creative provider and also the client. Seeing things from both perspectives along with years working in a creative industry has given us some perspective on the difficulties of breaking into the business. So we are going to try and pay it forward a bit and provide advice much like previous mentors did for us.

Success if built on failure

The first thing everyone new in a creative industry needs to understand is that you will fail. Not all ideas are going to be great ones for a particular project. That doesn’t mean the idea itself is not great, but rather that each project is unique.

One of the differences between a new and experienced designer is that the experienced hand has already worked through multiple campaigns, and learned the hard way that sometimes you think you have it, but then you don’t. The key is to keep pushing and trying, embracing the failure until you find the success.

Tips of becoming a great designer

Here are a few of the most important things we feel that help designers have success in the industry:

  • Showcase only the best – Your portfolio needs to be your best work. If you have anything that you think is just “ok,” but you are including it to show some particular ability or type of project, take it out. You never want to represent yourself with something that is just “ok.” If you need to craft a specific example of something to demonstrate your skills then do so and make sure it is amazing.
  • Follow industry trends – For those who plan on working in the world of web design, it is critical to keep track of changes and trends in both UX and UI web design. This allows you to speak more knowledgably in interviews and meetings because of an actual understanding of topics and have a better understanding of how your piece fits into the puzzle. Even if you have never done a specific project before, knowing more about the concept ahead of time leaves you better prepared to ask more focused questions rather than trying to play catch up later.
  • Learn from every job – Not every job will be a dream job, but even the smallest job or working as part of a team offers opportunities to learn. There are plenty lessons in both what to do and what not to do if you want to be successful in life so take every opportunity you can to soak up knowledge and experience to help you eventually land your dream job.
  • Review award sites – If you want to be the best then it makes sense to draw from and be inspired by the best. Some of the best designers in the world have unique ways to look at a problem that can then help with your own projects. Some of our favorite sites are Awwwards, The Webby Awards , CSSDesignAwards, and com.
  • Communicate well – One area where some creative types falter is in the ability to communicate properly. In the business world, good writing and communication skills are critical to success and unless you are at the top of your field you will not be given much slack. This means communicating well in person, on the phone and via email – especially email. Poorly written emails or inefficient communication reflect poorly on you and your perceived ability to do your job.
  • Research potential jobs – If you are reaching out to a creative director fishing for jobs, applying for a specific job, or have landed an interview it is critical to do research. Learn about the company you want to hire you and show them how interested you are in working for them.

The bottom line is that entering into any creative field, like graphic design, is not easy. There is a lot of competition for the best jobs and it takes time to build a phenomenal portfolio. As an experience web design company, our advice to new graphic designers can help you succeed because part of longevity in this business is putting in the time and learning about your craft.

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