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A New Focus for Website Link Building

Recently a client decided that he wished to pursue less original content for his own site and instead focus on creating content that he would then publish on other sites with the intention of linking back to his site. The client wished to know if this was the best way to create links in light of the various things he had heard about Google cracking down on link building.

As he had confusion about the topic, and honestly who hasn’t, it seemed prudent to discuss link building in this current environment. Once considered one of the best, if not the best way to maximize your SEO ranking, it is still a very viable method especially in today’s world.

Leveled Field

For those businesses that have always followed the rules and not used tricks or black hat techniques to falsely boost rankings, the new rules are very nice indeed!

With Google cracking down on bad linking practices, it is actually easier to compete these days. In essence it is like steroids in baseball; the more cheaters that get caught, the more level the playing field becomes, thus making it much simpler to compete for rankings just with hard work and determination.

Areas to Focus On

Here are the best ways to increase your rankings using link building. All of these methods are approved by Google and won’t land you in the dog house.

  • Use Larger Sites – It used to be that you would want as many links as possible from sites of all types. That meant you might be happy with 100 links from small sites even if their total traffic equaled one large site. Now the approach should be to focus exclusively on sites that have more traffic and don’t waste time with the small, niche sites.
  • Relevant Content – Content is still king. Providing relevant, quality content used to be the foundation of good link building and is once again. As people read your content and find it enjoyable or useful they are more prone to share it which then drives traffic, thus increasing the value of the link.
  • Varied Content – The written word is nice, but learning how to diversify your media can really help. Pictures, videos, info graphics and other formats are all content that can easily be shared socially.
  • Be an Expert – Everyone has an opinion and the web is already crowded with talking heads, so how does your stand out? Why are you an authority on a topic? Why should people listen to you? Make sure you are including your credentials and experience in your author tag so you have a level of authority in what you say, along with that interesting and relevant content.
  • Push the Content – Just because you submit content to a site and then publish does not mean your job is done. You can still market and share that content to help drive people to it. You can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, StubleUpon and a slew of other sites. You can also test different methods of sharing to see what works best.
  • Use Google+ – This is an absolute must. You need to distribute your content on Google+ every time to help drive traffic and increase rankings.

Make Every Piece Count

Rather than the old methodology of getting as many links as possible, now you need to maximize each and every single link. That means developing a plan for each piece of content and literally having a specific marketing plan. An example would be writing an article on the newest 2013 Widget’s Benefits to the average consumer. You know that you are going to publish it to Widget Journal and utilize your author link back to your site.

As soon as the article is posted you tweet about it to your followers to have them check it out. Then you make sure the article is distributed on Google+. The next day you share the article on your personal Facebook page and perhaps have a few other people do the same. Finally you plan on including it in your StubleUpon recommendations as well. It is much more work per piece than it used to be, but your goal is to maximize the reach of that piece, just as you would (or should) if your write content for your own site.

Link building is most certainly not dead, but now your focus is less on the links being created and more on driving traffic on the links you do decide to create which in turn will help increase your rankings.

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