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7 Ways to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate

Getting traffic is only half the battle every website faces which is why we are happy to provide 7 ways to increase your website’s conversion rate because you have to convert at least some of the traffic if you expect to win the day!

Things like SEO, social media and advertising can all help you get visitors, but it is your site itself that still has to capture their attention so that they will take the next step and become willing converts and loyal customers.

So without further adieu….

7 Ways to Increase your CR

  • Have a memorable brand and identity – Everyone should strive to be remembered, and not in a bad or absurd manner. To start with, your business name is very important because it not only has to be memorable and relatable to what you do, but the domain needs to be available to make remembering the website easier. This important first step is the initial foray into your brand and identity. Remember, if people forget who you are then they have a harder time coming back or referring people.
  • Simple processes – Do you know what one of the top irritants to users is? Complex or overly long processes they have to complete. In general, you are dealing with 30 second intervals of attention so you need to be very clear with what you want someone to do. What is your primary goal? How easy is it to complete? After primary goals are achieved then move on to secondary but not vice versa or you might miss out. For example, if signing up for the newsletter is the top priority then it should be obvious and easy using a short form, Google+ or Facebook sign-in. Then if you want someone to share that they signed up or like a post or literally anything else, they should only be promoted after completing the sign-up.
  • Use visuals – Remember those 30 seconds of attention you get? Do you really want them wasted trying to read three or four paragraphs? Hopefully not because it seems like more and more users don’t even want to try anymore, skipping out halfway down a page. To counteract this, the focus needs to be on using visuals such as infographics that area easily digestible. Then when you do use text make sure it is in small increments with obvious headline.
  • Use of colors – It has been proven that colors can have an impact on audiences with different schemes appealing to different demographics. Run focus groups to find out which schemes work best for your target demographic to keep them tuned in instead of turned off.
  • Mobile compatible – In case you haven’t noticed, it is becoming a fully mobile world with users accessing websites from smartphones, tablets and desktops. So having a responsive website design is a must to ensure you are meeting all of your users needs effectively for the content you provide.
  • Humanize your site – Having pictures of real people on your homepage and other pages like About or Contact makes a world of difference in conversions because your site is much more welcoming and real. You can use models, key personnel or satisfied customers.
  • Include reviews – Adding to the human factor is the trust factor which is a must to increase conversions. Provide user reviews, snippets from rating sites, customer feedback, awards and recognition of your product, skills and abilities. Use sidebars to prominently display them on product pages or near calls to action to reinforce that you have the ratings they can feel confident and secure in.

The bottom line is that raw traffic can only get you so far. Once people arrive you still need to get them to take the next step which is where our 7 ways to increase your website’s conversion rate comes in.

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