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7 Digital Marketing Pitfalls You Are Probably Making

There are a lot of things to keep track of regarding your business so it is perfectly understandable if you make some mistakes and hit the occasional pitfall. We’re human; it happens. However, it is a wise business owner that is always looking to improve and avoid mistakes that might plague his or her competitors to ensure they stay ahead of the game which is why you should take the time to read these 7 Digital Marketing Pitfalls you are probably making.

Every edge, no matter how small, is still an edge over the competition. Mistakes, no matter how small, do add up to affect your bottom line. So let’s look at the top mistakes we regularly see businesses make:

7 Digital Marketing Pitfalls

  • Not Understanding Your Customers – You can have the best product in the world, but if you keep marketing it to the wrong people it won’t matter. Far too many businesses do not take the time to learn about who their audience is and what they are all about and instead make assumptions. Every product and service has a specific and typically unique audience that you should be targeting. Yes, every so often a special product will blur lines, but that is the exception. Take the time to identify and then understand your target audience and you then can ensure your marketing efforts are tailored to that group which will then make those efforts so much more effective. This is number one on the list because it happens all the time.
  • Ignoring the Return Customer – Return customers are the lifeblood of a business that plans on being successful for a long time. In the restaurant or bar business it has been shown that if you can impress a customer enough to come back 3 times they will become a regular. That means not only marketing and hustling to get them in the door, but continuing to impress them during and after that first, and second, visit. The same idea should apply to your business. All the focus can’t be on acquisition; you also need to keep customers coming back again and again with marketing plans focused on those valuable people!
  • Selling and Not Meeting Needs – Marketing campaigns can’t all be about selling, especially if they are geared towards what you think is best. Consumers have needs and a great marketing plan looks to meet those needs. When a plan is crafted it shouldn’t just focus on the hot trend or cool idea that you saw but instead needs to always meet the needs of your target audience so that they are swayed to buy from or use you for their needs.
  • The No Plan, Plan – Far too many businesses approach marketing without clear goals, a strategy to reach those goals or a plan to implement for that strategy. “We really need to increase our social media presence!” While that is probably true, that statement now needs to be transformed into a clear goal and from there you can plan and strategize so that you have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish, how you will do it, and how you can measure the success of your marketing campaign. Small and medium-sized businesses are particularly susceptible to this pitfall.
  • Implementing a Plan Because You Can – This is similar to the No Plan idea where people implement marketing plans, not because they would actually be useful, but because someone thinks it would be a good idea but the program has a lack of purpose. For example, you want to collect customer data so you launch a plan to collect said data however you planed it poorly and failed to offer rewards for people to provide said data. Any plan being used needs to have a clear purpose which benefits your business and needs to be design well so that it can achieve that purpose.
  • We Can Do It on the Cheap – While there are plenty of great ideas out there for small businesses or those without a lot of marketing capital; the truth is that it takes money to make money. At some point you need to clearly define marketing as an aspect of your budget if you want to raise the ceiling on potential results from marketing plans. Keep in mind that budget can go towards hiring marketing people, outsourcing for campaigns or paying for paid advertising.
  • Boring Content – Your content needs to be interesting, fresh and most of all it needs to provide value to your target users. If it is not doing this then really you are wasting time even posting it. If you want to generate new traffic from content then you need style and expertise in that content that will build brand recognition and authority in your niche! People need to know that you can help them and inform them otherwise they might not see you as a valuable source of anything. Producing content just to have content tends to cheapen your brand and bore your audience.

The bottom line is that mistakes happen in business and people are all subject to pitfalls, many we learn about after we make them. Rather than stepping in all of those holes yourself, learn from our 7 digital pitfalls you are probably making so you can avoid the problems and instead focus on those things that will help your business grow.



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