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6 Red-Hot Tips For Boosting Website Conversions

Can you ever have enough red hot tips for boosting conversions on your website? The answer to that question is a resounding no.

Boosting site conversions is something that just about every website should be looking to do. After all, why would you ever be satisfied with your conversion rate? More conversions mean a better bottom line and for most people, that is what business is all about!

Here are some great tips to help boost conversions. Some are very useful to explore with a web designer during the design process, or re-design process to ensure the end product meets the expectations you need for your business:

6 Tips to Boost Conversions

  1. Focus on the Target Audience’s Goals – In some cases there is a level of disconnect that takes place between designer and client. While the designer will follow a typical set of questions they ask the client to try and better understand who they are designing for, sometimes those questions leave out critical information that a good designer should be looking for. Things that should be covered are demographics, technographics and even geographics. The designer should even take the time to interview existing customers to really understand them which will then help with designing a higher conversion rate site.
  2. Understand how success will be measured – It is always important to understand how a business will measure the success of their website. If there is a specific goal in mind with a website then you can attach a value for services to that goal making any sort of web design or re-design an investment rather than a cost. From the designers perspective, knowing exactly what it is they are trying to accomplish, or having priorities in regards to what is most important and secondarily important, makes it much easier to create something that will provide a business with what they want. Too many businesses want too much from a website and trying to hit multiple targets equally often results in missing some targets entirely and hitting others on the outer circle.
  3. Work with a copywriter from the beginning – Too many designs involve a copywriter or content writer after the fact. Often a website is simply designed with placeholder content and then a party is hired later to fill in the blanks. However, these are creative people as well who have ideas and can provide valuable input from the beginning of the process to craft a more effective web presence from top to bottom.
  4. Focus on usability first – Rather than designing something polished and pretty, start with highly functional with a high usability rate. Those are both things that will help with conversions. Keep in mind, that is a starting point and it is much easier to add polish and shine to a site after you know you have an optimally designed site.
  5. Consider technology that supports goals – From the early stages of design it makes a whole lot of sense to consider what technology will be utilized to help reach the overall goals and focus of a site. Marketing automation and SEO are two examples of things will be part of the end result that needs to be thought about in the beginning of the journey.
  6. Design for now while looking to the future – The best designs are ones that allow success now and are geared to allow small, incremental changes in the future. This allows for continual small adjustments as things change over time – because they always change – that will help a company continually adjust their site for maximum conversion rates along with a higher level of engagement.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is what it is all about in business and boosting site conversions is a great way to pad that line. Understanding our 6 hot tips for boosting conversions will help ensure that your next web design, or re-design, results in a website that has the type of conversation rate you will be happy with.

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