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6 Online Marketing Trends in 2015

With the internet age in full bloom we have seen a tremendous amount of growth and change in digital marketing over the past few years. But with so much recent change, is their room for more in the immediate future? We certainly think so! These are six online marketing trends that we predict will dominate the landscape in 2015.

6 Major Online Marketing Trends

  • It’s a Mobile World – Spending on mobile ads will eclipse those for desktop this year, primarily because 2015 is the year mobile web usage will rank higher than their desk-jockey counterparts. Between smartphones, tablets and wearable tech, mobile will rise to the top which means effective online marketing strategies need to adjust to the behaviors of this segment. Some people anticipate that within 2 years over 75% of all connected device sales will be tablets and smartphones. That means you need to be ahead of the curve with mobile-friendly websites and marketing plans, rather than losing customers to competitors that have already adapted.
  • Visual Storytelling Erupts – With enhanced technology we are at a place where marketers and designers can craft amazing animation and effects to help messages stand out from the crowd. Using a well-planned design and videos the rise of visual storytelling will engage audiences in a way that will allow not only the message to be conveyed, but also a brands style and philosophy all while sparking an emotional response.
  • Content Marketing Sets the Tone – As cool as visual storytelling is, content marketing will be the norm for marketers. Creating relevant, useful and even inspiring content will become commonplace as companies look to connect with customers and enhance each interaction for the betterment of the overall experience. Companies need to build a relationship with its demographic, become an industry voice and create a loyal following. This can be accomplished with a good content marketing strategy that builds a positive reputation across multiple channels.
  • Videos Dominate – What can a video do better than text and images? The answer is demonstration. Companies have begun to understand the power of a demonstration video for products or services and with people making videos on their phones, it is ridiculously easy. Even a more professional video can be done relatively easily. That, combined with how much faster videos load will make them a bigger role in marketing.
  • Marketing Analytics will Double – Consumers provide a tremendous amount of detailed information each day about their actions, wants, needs and behaviors. With this data now being tracked in more ways we are able to understand a target consumer on a much deeper level than before seeing how, when and where a customer interacts with a product or uses a service. Because there is more data out there, it will become easier and cheaper to obtain which in turn will lead to it being used more and more for marketing decisions to ensure the best results. That means more companies will be using analytics to make sense of it all.
  • Micro Targeting goes Big – With all of that data out there on the web it was only a matter of time before people harnessed it to effectively target consumers with ads. By the numbers, targeted ads are twice as effective as non-targeted ads. The idea is more psychological than anything else because by being re-targeted regularly, the product or brand is staying at the top of the consumers’ mind. That makes it a no-brainer as to why this strategy will be employed much more often in 2015.

While these are the only trends we expect to see this year, these six online marketing trends will have the biggest impact and benefits and should be considered if you are looking for audience growth.

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