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5 Ways To Get Your Mobile App Noticed

Just making a great app isn’t enough these days because the market is oversaturated with hundreds of thousands of other apps all vying for people’s attention. As a mobile app design company we understand that struggle only too well which is why we wanted to share the 5 ways to get your mobile app noticed that have been the most effective for us.

With well over two millions apps in available for either Android or Apple users, picking new apps out of the crowd is harder than playing Where’s Waldo. There is a lot of competition for attention, especially when you consider that at least a few of those apps will be wearing the same stripped sweater that you are.

That is exactly why you need to do anything and everything you can to make sure people stand up and take notice of this wonderful new app you have created, rather than becoming another faceless program lost in the shuffle.

Tips to get your Mobile App Noticed

  • Beta Testing – Beta testing is one of the best ways to get people excited about your app, all while taking care of an important step in development. As an added bonus it offers the unique opportunity of giving you two promotion periods for your launch rather than one as you can hype the beta testing and then seeing what works in that regard for your audience, then hype the launch itself. Video game makers are really getting good use out of this technique because they not only get people to help find problems and bugs for them, but they can also increase buzz, find brand ambassadors and have a list of potential customers all while doing something you need to do anyway.
  • Press Releases – Press releases are one of the best old school methods that still work wonders. A press release is an absolute must whenever an initial product is launched to an app store or for updated versions with numerous changes. Find as many contacts in the media and online news sites that you can. Then do whatever it takes to get your press release listed by them. This will quickly and effectively promote your launch.
  • App Store Optimization – You must have good App Store Optimization which means using SEO techniques geared for the store. If you app isn’t visible or easily found then you will be in trouble. You need to have a short, relevant and memorable title. In that title you need one great keyword the people will search highly for whatever niche or service you are providing. There needs to be targeted keywords in the description, you have to be sure the description is interesting and informative without being a snore-fest, and the app needs to be categorized properly. This should be checked regularly to ensure someone hasn’t accidently placed it in the wrong spot causing for a lack of product hits for people who perform category searches.
  • Social Media – Social media platforms offer one of the best ways to be noticed simply because it exposes your product to the largest audience that is using a mobile device. A strong marketing campaign should involve social media promotions to try and help push growth. Also people often use social media as an arena for ideas and complaints, which gives you access to important information, feedback and ideas about how to improve the app.
  • Loyalty – Loyal users are the key to any successful app. With the majority of people dropping an app after just a few months, not only do you need to constantly find new customers but you need to work hard to keep current customers. Loyalty rewards, updates to fix problems and other techniques should be utilized from Day 1 to increase loyalty whenever you can because those people who are devoted to your product typically like to promote it a bit as well. “You should try this app I am using! It is soooooo amazing!”

…and just because you want to do anything and everything, we have an additional tip:

  • Awards – Did you know that you can get some free publicity just by applying for awards for your product? If you have created something amazing you should be putting it out there for people to see with the possibility of winning an award while gaining more exposure. Even if you don’t win, people are still going to see and talk about your app within the context of the contest which helps with buzz.

The bottom line is that it is very hard to get your app noticed amongst the millions of other apps in existence. It makes sense to put in additional effort after you create that wonderful piece of technology, like using our 5 ways to get your mobile app noticed, just to make sure you didn’t end up wasting lots of time and money in creating a failed mobile app.

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