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5 Ways Mobile Technology Will Grow In 2016

Mobile technology had a big year in 2015 but we think 2016 will be much, much bigger. With the demand for tech solutions and mobile apps increasing we expect that lots of new, innovative ideas will come to life.

Following that line of thought, these are the top 5 ways we think mobile technology will grow in 2016:

Everything Becomes a Wearable – We see a future where tech is embedded in everything possible to provide people with useful information. Fit bands and smart watches are just the tip of the wearable iceberg so to speak with smart clothing, jewelry, and even shoes on the way. The medical and sports industries are poised to gain the most as there are better ways to monitor health and collect real data to allow faster, more accurate diagnosis and analysis. All of these smart gadgets and the apps that go with them, which should include the numerous add-ons to smartphones like breathalyzers and science tools. We expect to see advances that are utilized in the classroom, the medical industry, for science and fitness that allows data to be captured and interpreted more easily.

User-Experience will be a Focal Point for Businesses – Businesses are going to learn that they have to target users on the go in many industries and more and more people utilize mobile devices for information and transactions. The way to excel in the mobile arena is to prove a great user experience that customers will appreciate. Crafting apps with a great user experience, offering unique products and designs, and following a consumer-centric approach will all be keys for creating loyalty with a consumer group that currently is growing more fickle.

Things will become Simpler – For a while we were looking at cramming everything you could think of into a device or app. Now, it is time to scale it back and think simple yet effective. People want things that work and work well more than anything else. Function-ability, security and a great user experience to help them accomplish a task are the special of the day versus being able to do lots of things “okay”.

Mobile Payment Options Skyrocket – Mobile payment options are on a rocket-like ride and we expect that to continue with everyone developing some mobile payment option whether it be a partnership or their own creation. Apple, Amex and Chase are the big dogs leading the pack and everyone will follow as there are numerous options to choose from. Right now the biggest roadblocks are user perception and security concerns along with how stores accept payments. Think of it much like when ATM cards came into being and the slow shift from cash and check to a card, except much faster as technology moves quicker these days. One key retailers will need to impress upon consumers is the value of using this type of payment. Starbucks has an excellent model in place and we fully expect other businesses to use that style of program to gain an advantage in their market.

IoT Evolves and Grows – With the advance in wearable tech along with more and more technology being included in everything from cars and appliances to classrooms, the Internet of Things is growing and evolving. One of the biggest arenas we expect to see growth is in the home and at schools. We are already seeing entertainment becoming smarter and now kitchens and energy usage is catching up along with home safety and security; smart houses are almost here. Classrooms are another area where tech will help streamline the learning process from tracking attendance to monitoring engagement which will allow better teaching methods to evolve or even use software with AI that makes adjustments based on instructor parameters. In the workplace we should see better use of sensors and information to increase productivity and awareness.

The Bottom Line

This year is poised to be huge for tech enterprises and the businesses that are able to adapt that technology to their needs quickly and effectively. In our opinion these 5 ways Mobile Technology will grow in 2016 are the ones that will have the largest impact across all industries.




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