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SEO Companies 5 Traditional Marketing Tactics that still work

By now everyone is aware of how powerful SEO Companies and internet marketing are. While a handful of years ago there were still people on the fence about the usefulness of the world wide web, these days having your business online is a must and because of this people have gone a bit crazy over online marketing.

But, you need to make sure that you don’t forget about marketing outside of the internet

A critical aspect of marketing is diversity. Online we focus on email marketing, blogging, social media and so much more. However, true diversity should involve marketing online to the virtual world and also marketing to the outside world.

People aren’t always at there computer or plugged into their mobile device so you need to remember to market to them to connect in other ways to make sure you aren’t missing out on valuable opportunities.

SEO Companies Marketing Methods that Still Work

  • Business Cards – People seem to have moved away from what has always been a great marketing tool. Business cards used to be a symbol and something people carried around with pride. Every time you hand one out you are networking or working on a qualified lead. Your cards should look professional, have your logo and have all the important contact information including web address and social media contact points.
  • QR Codes – This is a great hybrid item that works in the real world to connect to the virtual world. QR Codes are a special pictogram that you can scan like a barcode with a smartphone that will then take them to a specific webpage. You can put them anywhere and people who know what they are will enjoy the mystery of not knowing where they go. They key is to have a great landing page that makes the trip worth taking.
  • Mailers – Going hand in hand with a QR Code is a mailer! You can still send letters to potential clients or postcards rather than an email. You can also send funny concept packages like the Staples Easy Button with a card that says, “Give us a call if you want to make things easy!” In a way mailers can be more effective because people get less mail compared to email these days. Just be creative and clever.
  • Promotional Products – Swag used to be a buzz term for anyone in sales. Real estate agents, car salesmen and the like would have everything from pens and notepads to calendars and bottle openers with their logo and contact info on them. They are just as useful now as they were then. The key is to find something inexpensive that everyone uses regularly and hopefully compliments your business in some way. There also needs to be enough space to showcase your web address.
  • Live Events – There is a great site called that is a great way to find groups of people to network with. Other options are Chamber of Commerce or groups like Rotary Clubs. The idea is to personally meet new people as a way to spread your brand. Often the people that attend these types of meetings are active and more outgoing and spreading the word to even 10 people can easily equal hundreds after it passes to their networks. The key is to find events that fit your niche then just getting out there to create buzz.

Remember, people that come to your website have lives and are doing things away from the computer. Just like you they are doing other things and it will pay, literally, to make sure you are marketing to people at those times as well.

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