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5 Tips To Kickstart Your New Blog!

One of the easiest, most cost-effective marketing strategies a company can employ is using a blog which is why we are happy to share our 5 tips to kickstart your new blog.

Why a blog?

Blogs are a very important feature for both new business ventures as well as existing companies for a number of reasons. Aside from being a relatively inexpensive choice, they can help establish you as a voice of authority in your field. They are also a great way to direct traffic to your site and generate exposure for your brand.

There is also the consideration of having a platform from which to create a personality for your business. From a blog you are also starting to interact with customers via comments. Finally blogging opens the door for content marketing which is important to help fuel growth.

So really the question is why am I not blogging?

Five tips for your new blog

Content Planning – Step one of any good blog is to always plan out your content. Rather than just jumping into with an interesting idea for that day, take the time to write an actual content plan. Studies show that blogs with a written plan are twice as effective as those without. What is in the plan? Here is a good starting list that can be added on to:

  • Determine target demographic
  • Find problems and concerns they face
  • Determine how your blog will help with those problems and concerns
  • Determine type of posts are best for that demographic
  • Consider tone – this is important in regards to online personality
  • How often will you post and where it will be shared or reposted
  • Other topics you want to include
  • Keywords you want to use
  • Who will produce and maintain the blog

Check out the competition – You need to ensure you are providing value and usefulness to your target demographic so understanding what your competitors are providing is vital. You don’t want to waste time duplicating what other people are already doing. By researching competing blogs you can look for unexplored areas or even build off existing ideas to provide that value. A great tool we utilize is BuzzSumo to look at keywords and articles using keywords to help see what is out there from a large scale perspective. Look to fill content gaps and people will start to flock to you for information they simply can’t get elsewhere.

Create resources – A blog is an excellent starting point, but you also have the opportunity to attract visitors based on your expertise by providing free, comprehensive resources. Every so often provide a free guide that contains basic or even intermediate useful and practical information. This is a great way to attract new visitors for signing up to your newsletter or email lists because you are demonstrating your expertise on a subject. These should be extras either in the place of regular content or as a sort of regular content of their own such as “Resource Monday” on the first Monday of the month that people can look forward to.

Promote that content! – Writing and posting great content is only half the battle (really less than that), now you need to get it into the blogosphere for the world to see! Social media is an excellent starting point for promotion, but don’t make the rookie mistake of stopping there. Let’s be honest, for every great piece of viral content there are thousands that get ignored. Some experts say the time spent marketing versus creating content is 2-to-1 or even 3-to-1.

  • Link back – One way to promote it is by finding sites that reprint for you with a link back to your site.
  • Authority help – You can also contact authority blogs asking them to link back with a request to possibly guest blog on their site.
  • Email marketing – You should also use email marketing to spread the word because email marketing is still one of the highest ROI activities out there.

Follow success stories – They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and while we don’t feel that people should just clone an existing success, there is nothing wrong with looking to them for inspiration and ideas as to what works and works well. There are plenty of good examples out there in various niches that have shown how to create a great blog with awesome content and good social media marketing to make them highly successful. Looking at these sites should not only be inspiring but can also give you ideas and angles to pursue, or at least discuss with your team which can lead to other ideas and angles.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that blogging is a great way to gain interest and followers for new and existing businesses. It takes planning and focus to properly build your blog if you want long term success but if you follow our 5 tips to kickstart your new blog you will be well on your way to developing a core marketing tool for your business.

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