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5 Tips For App Store Optimization Most People Miss

When it comes to ensuring that your app is positioned properly for success in the App Store, most people have the basics down. Obviously having a great name and logo along with using keywords and a well written description are a must. But, beyond that what else should you be doing? That is where our 5 tips for App Store optimization most people miss comes into play.

So sit back, relax, and let the knowledge transfer begin!

5 Overlooked ASO Tips

  • Use Compelling Screenshots and Videos – It is not enough to just tell people what they are getting with your app; these days you need to show them as well. There is simply too much competition in the app store and a person who can’t decide between your app and one that looks fairly similar needs to see what exactly your app can do for them. So showcase the big benefits your app brings to the table with strong images and a good video. Images should include a text overlay to help you point out key elements.
  • Provide Regular Updates – Most people do not want to waste time with an app that is a one-time affair, as in the provider never looks to improve the product. Regular updates, that not only improve the app but also take feedback from customers into account, are highly valued because it shows that the developer has a focus on what the customers want and need. This tends to create a positive rock-on-the-hill scenario where once the rock starts rolling it continues to pick up momentum in the form of a happy user base that helps promote the app because they are increasingly pleased with how it performs and the attentiveness of the developer.
  • Ask for Ratings and Feedback – High ratings and positive feedback are one of the primary things potential users look at when considering downloading your app. Therefore, it makes that you want to encourage users to rate your app and leave positive feedback as much as possible. Apps with tops ratings scores are the ones that dominate the highest downloads category. So look for ways to keep customers engaged and encourage leaving feedback such as with small in-app perks and other smart rating prompts.
  • Use Other Promotion Methods – In the store optimization is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to successfully promoting your app. There are also the total number of page visits you obtain as well as product page backlinks that will play into your overall promotion. That means launching PR campaigns that get people to your product page in the App Store from other locations such as social media or app reviews. Additionally you need to look at the idea of app indexing so that your app content is searchable and linkable.
  • Re-Optimize Quarterly – Rather than monitoring the success of things like your keywords, images, name, etc on a weekly or monthly schedule, plan on regularly quarterly reviews of your product and aim to re-optimize then. Ideally if you are providing regular updates to your product that would also be a good optimization schedule to follow. For example, if 4 months after the initial launch you are going to release and update, perform your re-optimize to coincide with it. Overall this type of timing ensures that your keywords, reviews, and other aspects have adequate time to sink in before you look to overhaul things.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is the App Store Optimization is critical to the success of your app. In today’s very crowded marketplace everyone is doing the basics so to be successful you need to move beyond what is now considered standard to ensure you still stand out; that is where our 5 tips for App Store optimization most people miss will help you.




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