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5 Takeaways from the recent Google I/O

Earlier this month Google held their annual Google I/O developer conference. During that conference, many things were discussed and announced including several updates for search. As search is such an integral part of web development and online marketing, it is important to stay abreast of these changes. Here are 5 takeaways from the recent Google I/O that as a top web development firm, we feel are significant.

5 Takeaways from the Recent Google I/O

While numerous things were discussed in the recent Google I/O, these items are the most noteworthy:

  • Google News – Google is going to improve upon the news that appears within Google Search. The Top Stories section will now include a mix of the most authoritative articles on the topic searched for, news information on the topic, the story timeline when applicable, and playable podcasts when available. This expansion will also soon allow for search within audio podcasts. This showcases the popularity and usefulness of podcasts to users.
  • Google Lens – There are multiple enhancements to Google Lens, primarily the ability to translate text into more than 100 languages. Google Lens is a scanning and translation application that has a high level of connectivity to other apps. These planned enhancements announced during the Google I/O are aimed at providing added value to users, such as reading text out loud, highlighting menu items to add valuable details and information for the user, and generally answer more questions quickly and easily. The combination of machine learning, information in Google’s Knowledge Graph, database, and computer vision are making it a go-to tool for users.
  • 3D in Search – With VR and 3D being the next wave of development, it is not surprising that Google will bring 3D objects into search results. This will allow users to place, view, and interact with 3D objects. They also posted a blog that coincides with this change. The blog discussed how there will be the option to view search results in 3D and AR when available, such as in a search for animals. This will allow users to better see information for greater understanding. Taken a step further, a 3D object could then be used within VR to see how it might appear for shopping needs. This represents a big leap for education and e-commerce possibilities.
  • Google Duplex –Google is upping the game within Google Assistant by integrating Duplex to help users’ complete tasks online with limited steps being taken by the user. Duplex will help automate processes and should be important for marketing, sales, and analytics for those who integrate their own business to be as receptive to Duplex as possible. This was a very interesting announcement during the Google I/O.
  • Google Assistant – Google Assistant is getting both smarter and faster with an expectation of increasing speeds by 10x the current speed. With a better focus on voice interactions, Google is expecting the use of keyboard interactions to decrease and use of voice commands to increase. Basically, the goal is to move the AI to the phone rather than out of the cloud which should reduce latency and allow requests to be processed in real time. This speed increase should allow for multiple commands or requests in a row without lag. The current lag or need to constantly say “Hey Google” has been a big drawback to some for using voice over a keyboard.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that whenever Google makes a change, every business that operates online should pay attention. These 5 takeaways from the recent Google I/O aren’t going to change how you do business today, but they do offer insights as to how the landscape will shift. Google is a driving force behind how many interactions take place, so it is always smart to incorporate changes they are making into business plans and strategies moving forward. That way your business stays on the cutting edge rather than being left behind.


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