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5 Reasons Why Not Having A Mobile Marketing Strategy Will Hurt Your Business


Did you know that approximately 3.4 billion people are actively online? From that group approximately 2 billion are mobile users. That is a heck of a lot of mobile users to ignore or possible alienate if your existing marketing strategy does not have a mobile perspective. These 5 reasons why not having a Mobile Marketing Strategy will hurt your business highlight important areas where a desktop approach just won’t cut it..

As a very experienced website development company with over a decade in the business, we have seen the internet explode with total internet users more than doubling in the past ten years. We touted the importance of a web presence back then as an important marketing tool and as mobile has surpassed desktops as the primary portal to web we are touting the importance of connecting to those users in the right way.

So let’s get right to it with exactly why you need to have a specific mobile marketing strategy.

5 Reasons you need a Mobile Marketing Strategy

  • People read email via mobile – Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing methods out there. Fun fact: over 50 percent of all emails are opened on a mobile device. As there can be a very big difference in reading an email on a desktop versus a mobile device it makes sense why having mobile optimized emails as part of the strategy is the best way to connect with the largest number of potential leads.
  • Social media lives on mobile – Social media marketing is important to many businesses. While in some cases content on these sites works universally well, sometimes it does not. So when you consider that over 75% of Facebook users are accessing the app via mobile or that almost half the people on Pinterest are accessing via mobile, it makes sense that applying a mobile strategy to social media marketing is a smart choice.
  • In-app ads are hot – Ad-blocking software has made many ads on desktops obsolete. However right now mobile is fertile ground which is why we expect to see well over $15 billion spent on in-app ads next year. An old advertising adage is “Hit them where they live!” and right now they are living on mobile. So if you want ads to get actually get through to users, mobile is the place to be.
  • Mobile media is increasing – Last year 30 percent of the total digital advertising pool for the entire globe was spent on mobile, making it the fastest growing segment. Obviously a lot of people are betting on, and spending money on, mobile advertising for good reason; it is a great way to connect to consumers.
  • Visual video is exploding – Mobile video advertising is on pace to be a $4 billion industry by 2018 and that makes sense when you consider that YouTube is loaded on to about 60% of all smartphones and there is plenty of native mobile web usage. Mobile users love video because it can reach them in two ways; visually and audibly. It is such an easy and convenient way to consume content that it is no wonder that the mobile market flocks to it. Plus, video is a highly effective medium for marketing compared to base text.

These 5 reasons why not having a mobile marketing strategy will hurt your business showcases two primary ideas; lots of people are spending money in this area and there are a lot of mobile users within certain areas we commonly market to. Of course there still are plenty of laptop and desktop users out there, but why would you want to shrink your potential customer pool when you could instead utilize a strategy that encompasses both types of users?

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