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5 Quick Tips To Boost Your Pinterest Brand

Our 5 quick tips to boost your Pinterest brand are designed for any business that is looking to increase their reach and number of followers. After all, Pinterest is expected to have a user base of about 50 million people by the end of year which equals a whole lot of potential customers!

Numbers like that simply can’t be overlooked, especially if your business is one that can take advantage of the marketing opportunity this growing social media platform can provide. While not as effective for business-to-business models, many business-to-consumer marketers find Pinterest very effective.

Why use Pinterest?

Not everyone is aware of how beneficial this social media platform can be:

  • The platform is ideal for retail, allowing people to get up close and personal with brands and products
  • Pinterest generates 4-times as much money per click compared to Twitter, a number that is expected to grow
  • About 50% of online consumers in the U.S. have made a purchase based on recommendations from Pinterest

These numbers help demonstrate the power Pinterest has and the ability to connect with an audience and convert sales.

Tips for Boosting your Brand

  • Open a Business Account – This might seem like a no-brainer but we have found some businesses simply try and promote from a personal page, which is not as effective. With your business account, take the time to utilize marketing and SEO skills by using your business name or a creative interpretation. The name needs to be self explanatory, easy to spell, and no longer than 15 characters. Verify your site, link it up to your other social media accounts and then use good keywords within your business description. An important note, the business description can be brief and include a hashtag term which is a wise marketing option.
  • Create a Collaborative Board – The idea behind a collaborative board is to allow your followers to post photos. This is a powerful method for increasing engagement not only with the people posting but also other users who often view user-generated content as more real and trustworthy. If you see success with one board, look to add another that covers something completely different. Collaborative boards are also great places to run contests to encourage more posting and sharing.
  • Develop Content Guidelines – All content you post should follow certain guidelines. You want to have a Pin It button which allows people to share content. Every board should reflect some aspect of your business whether it be branding, products, use of products, etc. Don’t start up a knitting board if you can’t relate it to your business. Also consider colors and captions in relationship to the persona your brand has on the platform and make sure you are using keyword-rich descriptions. Make sure you are creating original, fresh content that showcases your brand rather than just posting something because it is Tuesday and you need something. Finally develop a content schedule that includes pinning over various time zones to ensure you hitting a wider market. For those who pin less frequently, generally speaking Saturdays and in the afternoons and evenings of other days are best.
  • Understand Rich Pins – Rich pins are powerful in that they can include more information for your users. This ranges from product information, location and even app pins. Rich pins are a great way to direct people back to your website if you have properly prepared your site with the right metatags.
  • Look to Build a Community – Social networks are meant to be social. For a platform like Pinterest, the amount of time and effort you put in will be directly proportionate to your results. With that being said, taking the time to foster a small community can pay large dividends when it comes to organic growth and finding users to become brand ambassadors. Start by following other boards that relate to you and forming relationships with those people. Also follow people who follow you, making sure to comment on their content as well. Next look for group boards where multiple contributors can pin on a subject to expand your reach. The mantra for any social network is “be useful” so that should be your goal within the community which includes your users and customers. This is one of the best ways to foster a connection and increase your success.

The bottom line is that for some companies, Pinterest can be a goldmine for marketing. Our 5 quick tips to your boost your Pinterest brand can help you harness the power of this fast growing platform and help pad your bottom line.

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