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5 Hot Digital Marketing Tips

5 Hot Digital Marketing Tips

As the year slowly draws to a close many businesses are already looking forward to the next year and strategizing for success, which makes this the perfect time to digest our 5 Hot Digital Marketing Tips and use that knowledge to help shape future plans.

The digital landscape is one that changes regularly. To effectively market a business and promote your brand you need to flexible and change with it, adapting your strategy to fuel growth and obtain maximum value.

So with that being said, let’s dive right into these hot digital marketing tips and get you ready for an explosive year.

Top Digital Marketing Tips

  • Understand Your Sales Process – Every business has a different sales process. In marketing we often use the term ‘sales funnel’ which demonstrates how business moves towards a completed transaction. Using analytics allows any business to better understand your visitors and your sales funnel. The top of the funnel is where people become aware of your brand and what you are selling and then things move downward to leads, prospects and eventually conversions for most funnels. Take the time to learn how users interact and how that knowledge can work towards funnel optimization in the various steps to takes to get to the conversion.
  • Test Everything – This is one of the most important, and overlooked, steps for continued success. You need to constantly test what you are doing because what might have worked yesterday won’t always work today. Far too often people become hung up on past success and are afraid to make changes, even when they know something isn’t working. Looking at data regularly can show you if something truly works or doesn’t. Then, as you make adjustments, continue testing to see how effective the changes are. In the end you need to make things as easy as possible for your audience and that means constantly reviewing data and making small adjustments that will keep your conversion process streamlined.
  • Consider Multiple Perspectives – Your website and digital marketing efforts have three basic customer types they need to impress; current customers, long-time customers and new customers. Because of this, when you are looking at new marketing strategies, changes to your website, etc, you need to consider all of those perspectives and possibly even involve a person from each category in your focus groups or testing groups. By doing this you can gain important insights into how each group perceives your brand during the various stages of the relationship which then helps you understand what changes will then do to the entire cycles of the business.
  • Harness the Power of a Blog – A blog can really showcase your social presence and help establish your brand as an authority. Blogs gain high shares on both Facebook and Twitter which allows a good blog to drive your reach with shares. Providing useful, interesting and relevant information on a regular basis via a blog is a key to drawing people to your site along with showcasing your brand as an expert in a field which in turn helps with brand recognition and trust.
  • Look at the Needs of Your Business – Every business is unique in its own way and with that has distinctive needs. Your objectives are your own and you need to ensure that all of your decisions work towards those goals. Sometimes when people look to make changes or implement new ideas, which might be the current trends, those ideas actually go against your needs or goals which end up being counter-productive.

The bottom line is that digital marketing is not easy, especially when the landscape can change as you are walking on it. Sometimes you need to stop and look around to make sure you haven’t lost your way and our 5 hot digital marketing tips can help ensure you are on the right path.

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