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5 Great Strategies For Mobile App Success

Just about everyone with an idea for a mobile app is looking to create a winning one rather than a dude, so it pays to be as informed as possible right from the start which is why we are providing our 5 great strategies for Mobile App success.

The truth of the matter is that for both iOS and Android apps, the market is extremely competitive. With new apps being uploaded daily to the Apple Store and Google Play, you need to be at the top of your game if you want to be in the best position possible for success.

Top Strategies for Mobile App Success

  • Solve a Problem – Any successful app cures a problem for the target audience. For example, games are great at curing boredom. Your app’s primary feature and purpose needs to fill a need and solve a problem better than anything else out there; wowing the target audience with your ability to make something that bothers them go away thus fostering a need to have your app – that beautiful app you have created – become part of their daily or weekly lives. If you aren’t solving a problem of some sort then why do they need your app? These days, apps should fill “needs” rather than “wants”.
  • Aim for Simplicity – Some of the biggest successes in the apps market is the most simplistic thing you could think of. The perfect example is Yo. It just sent the word “yo” as a text message. Sure, they developed the idea more down the road but it became a smash hit by being absurdly simple. You don’t need to make something super complex and in some cases extremely simple usability will set you apart from the crowd.
  • Free and Cheap – Free and cheap apps dominate the app market because people don’t want the cow when they can get that milk for free. Most people I know will take an extra ten minutes to search for a free alternative rather than paying a few bucks for something so keep that in mind. A zero cost will get you more downloads initially and help spread your brand. You can always add a paid version with more features later to build a bigger revenue stream. If you are going to use a paid version right out of the gate start with something low such as $2.99 and immediately drop the price to $1.99 or $0.99 as people love a perceived bargain.
  • Generate Buzz – You need to make sure people care about your app and there are a few ways to do that. You have press buzz which can be earned with press releases and gaining exposure from product reviews and the like. Then you have social buzz which can be earned with a strong social media push that includes contests sweepstakes and pushing mailing lists to create notice.
  • Go Beta – Beta testing is a great way to not only create interest and buzz but to also find out about critical issues your testing procedures might have missed. Often beta users will try to do things you simply didn’t consider which can mean finding bugs you didn’t know about. Sometimes experienced beta testers can add their own wisdom to your product and add buzz with their network which can only help you in being successful.

The bottom line is that being successful in the mobile app world takes hard work and some luck. But rather than relying completely on that chance that your app strikes a nerve and becomes a flash success, take the time to understand these 5 great strategies for mobile app success and consider including them into your business plan for the simple reason that they work.


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