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4 Ways To Create Content From Events

Webinars, conferences and sales presentation are very common in a lot of industries. Along with being informative, they are also a great source for content ideas. As a web design company that also crafts apps, we attend numerous industry events and from that time around the banquet tables we have picked up 4 ways to create content from events.

It makes sense to cross-purpose these events. Often lots of ideas and topics are discussed and you can easily judge interest in a particular area based on overall engagement.

4 Ways to Create Content

  • Use Webinar Content – If your company creates webinars then this offers a great way to cross-connect content. By taking ideas and concepts from the webinar and repurposing those into blogs or articles you are then extending the life of that subject and also getting more value from the event. The same idea can be applied if you are watching the webinar by considering the content like an idea session allowing you to base content off things you think they should have discusses, offshoots or ideas that come up during the presentation, or even content that answers questions people may have had if they use an open Q&A session.
  • Use Sessions for Topics – Each conference session, webinar or presentation often has a central theme as well as subsections. Each one of those themes makes for great topics to write on. Obviously people are interested in these topics or else they would not have attended the event which means you have an audience who wants to know more about these subjects.
  • Repurpose Presentations – Much like repurposing articles or other forms of content, speaker presentations are worth considering for repurposing as well. They provide the starting point in regards to topic and primary points or research but you can easily develop a new slant or offshoot idea based on what they present. You could even look at approaching a presenter to co-author content directly related to his or her presentation.
  • Listen to Customer Feedback – This applies mostly for people who host their own events, but a savvy marketer could probably take advantage of this idea for any event. What did people who attended have questions about? What confused them? What do they want to know more about? What did they like best? The answer to these questions can help set up numerous articles related to event topics that you know people want to learn more about.

The bottom line is that events like conferences, Power Point presentations on sales or webinars are fertile grounds when it comes to content generation. Much like when you sit down and create an idea tree or use some other brainstorming technique, it often starts from a single idea. These 4 ways to create content from events provides great ways to get a lot of those single ideas to then use for crafting a whole lot of interesting content that people are looking for.

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