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10 Tips to Build a Successful Online Presence

What are the best ways to build a successful online presence? That is a great question and it turns out that there are quite a few methods a company can employ to be successful in this endeavor. We compiled a list of our top ten practices that can be applied by any business that is looking to build a successful presence online.

10 Tips for Building an Online Presence

  1. Decide on key objectives – Don’t just create an online presence because you think you should; do it with a clear goal in mind. Step one is to define your key objectives such as attracting new customers, raising money, spreading brand awareness, or to provide an additional point-of-sales. With key objectives in place you can then move onto creating a strategic plan.
  2. Learn about your customer – This is a key factor to any online success. You need to learn everything you can about your target customers, including the big question of what do they want when online? You need to be where they are, when they are there and offering them something they need.
  3. Target your customer – A shotgun approach is very common and leads to a typical result – scattered shots. When learning about you customers you need to then figure out exactly what your target market is, which might not be what you thought it was from the outset. From there you need to learn how to best speak to that group to get the results you want. It might even be that your best target group is a subset of what you thought your original target was.
  4. Create brand consistency – Who are you and what do you do? This is a powerful message that you need to have a firm grasp on before your online foray. Create a clear and consistent message for your brand before launching so that it is consistent across all of your online platforms for both existing and potential clients to see.
  5. Become a resource – The internet has plenty of other businesses offering what you are offering, so how will you stand out? You need to be a resource of some sort that inspires people to bookmark your webpage because you are offering useful information that they need. That way they come back a second and third time rather than just once.
  6. Use a responsive and mobile-ready website – The gold standard for websites is something responsive that can be accessed easily by clients on any device. You need this type of site to show that you are a modern, tech-savvy business that understands how to best showcase your products and services to customers and prospects regardless of if they are on a tablet, phone or desktop.
  7. Emphasize personality – Standing out is important in the crowded internet of today and one way to do that is to show your (or your brand’s) personality. Be a human being! Act like a real person and not a faceless presence by interacting, being funny, being helpful and giving back to your online community.
  8. Create a blog first – Rather than jumping into every social media outlet in a rush, take the time to create a blog that has some useful, relevant and interesting content. By doing this you are creating a central hub of information with your website. From there you can branch out to social media, but with a goal of feeding people back to the hub.
  9. Consider Google My Business – This free service helps connect your site directly with customers using the power of Google search, maps and Google+. When you are ready to launch, this can provide a nice initial boost to help you get noticed.
  10. Wait to launch – Far too many businesses get in a rush to launch and roll out imperfect products. Why the rush? Exactly how many customers do you think you will miss out on in a week or a month? Instead of hurrying, take the time to ensure that your site is ready, your blog has a few entries, your branding is consistent and your online identity is set. Have a plan for rolling out your site, your blog and then your social media outlets that all flows together as part of your strategic plan. Why alienate customers or potential customers with a partial product?

There you have it, 10 tips to build a successful online presence. Following these concepts will definitely help you get ahead of the curve right from the start.

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