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10 Inexpensive Ways To Market Your Business

Not all companies have tons of money floating around to spend on marketing, so for those who are on a tight budget we have for you our 10 Inexpensive Ways to Market your Business. There are quite a few good methods out there for promoting your business, big or small, even when the ad dollars are limited.

Many businesses face a similar problem when it comes to marketing; they aren’t generating enough revenue to justify spending a larger portion of the budget to either hire a full-time in house solution or outsource it all. Luckily the tips we have can work even if you have a shoe-string marketing budget.

Marketing on the Cheap

  • Use Localized Review Pages – One of the best options for a business with limited dollars is to utilize the free localized online review sites like Yelp. Between Google My Business, Yahoo Local, Yelp, and even Angie’s List (depending on business type) you can make sure your business is represented online in a localized manner which is beneficial on multiple levels. Along with increasing search engine traffic, these platforms allow you to respond to questions, reviews, and even complaints from those who used your business which is extremely beneficial to building your brand.
  • Contribute Guest Posts – Follow well-known industry websites that allow guest bloggers and then provide your own unique piece. This will help spread your name and your businesses name and help showcase your knowledge and expertise. Plus, after blogs are posted you can reflect them on your own social media channels and often gain the benefit of an author’s link.
  • Join Social Media Groups – Facebook and LinkedIn offer industry groups you can join. This offers multiple benefits such as a forum to discuss topics and a place to showcase your own knowledge to show expertise in a field which will build your reputation. You can also make valuable contacts and expand your network which can result in referrals.
  • Become a Commentator – A commentator is someone who comments on other people’s blogs and social media pages. When done properly this is a powerful way to showcase your knowledge and create awareness for your business. The key is to only post thoughtful, value-adding ideas or positive feedback to what other people are saying. You can even start conversations with the author in this manner and eventually increase your own network of contacts. When people find your advice useful they can follow your profile to your website to contact you.
  • Answer Questions – Sites like Quora are built around the idea of real people getting answers to real questions from professionals. It is just another forum to showcase your knowledge and expertise. Find a site you like and dedicate 15-30 minutes a week answering questions.
  • Join Industry Forums – Yes, this is becoming a theme! Aside from LinkedIn or Facebook there are plenty of industry platforms where people want help, either as consumers or peers. By showcasing your knowledge you get your name out there in a positive manner. The goal isn’t to get links back to your site, which does happen, but instead to be helpful and knowledgeable. A byproduct is the links and also when Google and other search engines crawl sites finding questions and the most popular answers that will then show up in search results.
  • Offer Discounts via Social Media – You can offer special deals, free consultations or other incentives to your social media followers, who may or may not be active customers. This not only gets more people in the door for business, but often when people see offers or discounts on their various feeds they will pin or share it themselves to their friends which helps extend your reach to new people. Just make sure that your offer mentions that you have to be an active follower to take advantage.
  • Become a Sponsor – You can easily find local activities or charities and become a sponsor or co-sponsor for an event, typically without spending too much money. If you find businesses that compliment yours, you can easily group together to gain access to each other’s audiences. You could even look at sponsoring a contest or sweepstakes in this manner.
  • Provide Testimonials – When you have business partners or people you have worked with that impress you, email them a testimonial that they can then use on their own site. This has two purposes; it can create a link back to your site and hopefully they will want to provide a testimonial as well. Strong links back to your site will help increase your site rankings.
  • Update your Website – This can be a cheap or expensive option depending on what needs to be done, but it is important. With many of the tips we have listed above it involves showcasing experience and expertise. On that line of thinking your website needs to reflect that as well. There should be links to your reviews on Yelp, social share buttons on your content so people can share it, lists of the sites your offer free advice on and more.

The bottom line is that marketing can be expensive which is a cost a lot of smaller businesses have a hard time justifying. Our 10 inexpensive ways to market your business will help get your name out there inexpensively while also increasing your authority in your niche which is invaluable as your business grows.


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