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10 Ideas for Cool iWatch mobile APPS

April 24 now joins the ranks of such glorious pseudo-holidays like St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day and Festivus because Friday, April 24 is officially iWatch Day! The fabled Apple Watch will finally be released to the masses and with that release the one thing we can fully expect is the race to begin for the next hottest app. To get a head start on that race we have come up with 10 ideas for cool iWatch mobile APPS we hope to see!

10 Ideas for cool iWatch Apps

  • Improving Sleep Quality – Right now the market is a bit thin in regards to applications and devices that can improve your sleep quality. The Sleep Bed claims to be able to monitor your sleep and look to improve it and there are some apps out there for phones that combine with a heart sensor for feedback, but both should pale in comparison to what we can do with an iWatch. With build in biometric sensors sleep monitoring should move to a new level including offering alarms to wake up at the proper time.
  • Do Not Disturb App – One aspect of any smart device is that you are more available to be contacted. To combat this, an app should be created to send automatic replies to people letting them know you received their message but are currently unavailable.
  • Payment App – What if you could simply make a payment by waving your watch over a scanner? How cool would that be? With near field communication capabilities we should be able to accomplish this by linking to a smart phone for the banking transaction. Worried about safety and security? Add a biometric locking system so that only the proper user can make payments while wearing the iWatch.
  • To Do List – This is a simple, effective, and useful app that everyone could utilize. The key would be to ensure that it stands out in functionality.
  • Health Monitor – Fitbit has set the stage and with the array of biometric sensors in the iWatch there should be a bevy of fitness apps, but why not health apps? You could monitor for heart disease, diabetes, obscenity, or early detection of tremors, providing long term data stream that would provide much more insight that the snapshots doctors receive during an office visit.
  • Weather App – This is another simple app that would be incredibly useful at a glance much like the To Do List.
  • Uber/Lyft App – This is something Android can’t yet do which makes it more of a challenge to get an app going that can call a cab for you. Right now they can let you know when your lift is on the way but why not call for a ride and provide instant location awareness?
  • Mini Games – This will be a huge niche. Because of the limited screen size finding creative ways to play games will be a must for developers. Word games and flash cards for memory and fun are both intriguing ideas that would fit within the parameters of space and motion actions. Our idea is for a Trivia style game with four answers, one for each direction you can swipe. First person to 20 points wins!
  • Phone Separator Warning System – This can be either a reminder you are getting to far from your phone or used as an anti-theft device where it sends an alert to the iWatch. You could even step it up a notch by adding Find iPhone capabilities to play Dick Tracy and track it down using only your trusty watch!
  • Passkey – The ultimate way to sign in to all of your devices!  Using a biometric lock to ensure who is wearing the watch and then combine it with near field communication to allow you to log into your computer, tablet or even open doors with a wave. This app alone would sell thousands of units at the corporate level to lazy people who get tired of logging into 10 things a day and want to save time and effort.

Those are our top 10 ideas for cool iWatch mobile APPS and we can’t way to see them and numerous others come to life over the next few months!

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