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At Lounge Lizard we are a custom web design company. We specialize in web design, web application development, online advertising design, and production, as well as custom database programming, website development, and targeted online and internet marketing services. Our web development production offices are located in Long Island, New York and our web design company has been in business for 10 years.

As a full service interactive agency we offer a wide range of award winning services including web design, information architecture, ASP NET web application development, Intranet and Extranet development, web marketing, flash animation, e-commerce, and more. We also offer banner ad production and cd business card design, and our web marketing partner firm delivers best in class search engine optimization. Our breadth of interactive services and our 10 year record of success set us apart from other web development companies and interactive agencies.

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Just a few samples showcasing our creative and technology expertise.

My Little Swans

Travel Specialist

Project Components


My Little Swans, the unique travel brainchild of Silicon Valley CEO Katrina Garnett, aims at providing a sophisticated one-stop travel information and resource online service for wealthy families in search of new adventures. Ms. Garnett approached Lounge Lizard Worldwide to develop the My Little Swans brand and to create the website interactive platform that it depends on.

As the service is targeted to wealthy and discriminating tastes, the My Little Swans project required a carefully choreographed ballet of well-planned branding, social networking and user messaging technology, and elegant user interface design.

Our Technique

We began the My Little Swans engagement with our standard initial discovery phase, designed to arrive at a comprehensive SWOT (Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats) brand analysis and to elicit useful information from the client about the site's intended subscriber and user base.

The client, a well-known Silicon Valley CEO already highly experienced in building and marketing successful Internet-based companies, came to us with a firm vision of the website she wanted to build and the market it was to penetrate (wealthy families in search of off-the-beaten-track world travel ideas). This enabled us to quickly arrive at a dynamic brand strategy, which in turn led to a visual and general look-and-feel design for My Little Swans that satisfied the client's needs.

My Little Swan's website platform is primarily a server-end application written in PHP, an open source developmental platform chosen for its highly advantageous balance of high utility, low cost, reliability and versatile ability to interface with a wide variety of other open source tools. As we wanted the My Little Swans user interface to be clean, smooth and creatively appealing, we opted to build it with a mix of PHP, Javascript, HTML and Flash.

The back end and utility aspects of the My Little Swans site got more interesting, as it would not only serve static content created by the administrators, but would also feature complex social networking, user messaging and user-provided content (including photos and travel advice) as well. My Little Swans users would be able to "click and drag" travel database elements into their own personalized travel itineraries; they would also be able to contribute photos and their own experiences into the service database for other users to use. To achieve this we developed a custom social networking engine and content management system (CMS), built upon a MySQL database platform.


My Little Swans launched in November 2008. Today Lounge Lizard Worldwide continues to help in furthering the My Little Swans brand, as well as in maintaining and updating the website's technology platform.

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